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Welcome to our new online store

When we launched H&S back in June 2020, we always planned to launch our own website to run alongside our presence on other online sites like Etsy. In the months and years which followed we've focused on these platforms, growing our base and welcoming customers from around the world.

As great as Etsy and similar sites/marketplaces are, there are of course some limitations to them. So, to ensure we're able to provide you with all your favourite products, at an affordable price, with amazing customer service - we're thrilled to be launching this store to run alongside and hand in hand with our other ways you can shop with us.

There's a number of exciting features that we're excited to be rolling out for you, however, our main focus is getting all our products up, the site operational and working on the important behind the scenes settings - then we can start rolling them out.

As always, we love your feedback and welcome any input you have. We know many of you love places like Etsy, we do to as a company and personally, however we're excited for what's in store and the benefits it will bring for you.

If you haven't done so already, be sure to create a profile so you can shop in style, generate offers, rewards and much more. We're grateful for all your support.

H&S Handmade Gifts
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