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Fill your home with some luxurious scents with our range of products, designed to ensure your home's always smelling it's best and ready to welcome visitors.


Keep your car smelling amazing and ready for your next adventure with our awesome range of Car Air Fresheners.

These handy little air fresheners are a sleek and stylish way to fill your home with your favourite fragrances and look great at the same time.

Soy Wax Candle Range

Brighten up your home with the beauty of hand poured soy wax candles, perfect for relaxing at home - or gifting to someone special.

Combining an ambient glow with a wide range of luscious fragrances.

Soy wax melt snap bars.

Explore our rage of soy wax melt snap bars, each hand poured and produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality melts & an amazing aroma.

We've got a stunning selection of scents available for you to explore.


Help keep your home looking and smelling amazing with our beautiful range of Reed Diffusers.

With high quality reeds for amazing scent throw and fully vegan friendly, they are great for all to enjoy.

Shop our room sprays

Give your room a burst of fragrance with our new range of Room Sprays, perfect for enjoying throughout your home with a wide range of scents available for you to enjoy.

Electric plug in air fresheners - Coming Soon

Boost your home fragrance to the next level with our new range of plug in air fresheners, complete with refill options,

These will be launching later this year, so keep an eye out for more info,

Eco-friendly natural incense sticks.

A great way to cleanse your home of lingering odours, whilst providing an uplifting and relaxing scent.

Choose from our range of over 40 natural incense sticks, with a mix of traditional, fruity & floral options.

Subscribe & Save

We're making it easier than ever to enjoy your favourite home fragrances with the launch of our new Subscribe & Save program.

With Subscribe & Save you'll receive a top up of your favourite items delivered straight to your door each month.

Even better, you'll get a saving on each item, collect points to save on future orders and have complete flexibility over your subscriptions - with the ability to cancel at anytime.

Currently, Subscribe & Save is available on our Incense Sticks, though keep an eye out for more of our Home Fragrance ranges coming soon.

Subscribe and Save on our home fragrance range.
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