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Our new websites up and running

We're thrilled to have all the basics up and running, with a store full of products (with plenty more being added), pages to browse through, rewards club set up, boring back end basics in place and even our domain directing here.

It's been a busy time getting everything set up and we're still making improvements and working to implement new sections, pages and features to make this site even better and the go to place to shop with H&S.

Over the next few days and weeks you should notice some changes being added and we'd love to hear from you if you have any feedback or ideas on how we can improve and create a better experience.

We'll be releasing an update soon going over some of the exciting new features that you can find here. However, until then. Be sure to check out our store, subscribe to our news to make sure you never miss out and create a profile - so you can reap the benefits and join our rewards club.


New URL / Domain

A major part in launching any website is having a website address. For the past year and a half our URL has been dedicated to directing customers over to our Etsy store, however, today we've completed the transition.

This means our URL will now bring you to this site, rather then Etsy, and you'll be able to access everything on this site by using

Visit our new website information, at

TIP: Bookmark our site for easy access next time you visit.



If you're a fan of Etsy (we certainly are) you can continue to find us over there as we plan to continue running our Etsy store and we're heading towards 3000 sales.

Not all of our items will be available on Etsy, for a range of reasons, but you'll be able to find them over here in our store.

As our URL / Domains changed over to this site, you can find our Etsy store through their built in search feature, or direct via


Thanks for reading through this update.

If you have any questions, or need any support, please reach out to us through the chat feature, contact page or via email.

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