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A look back on 2023

With a new year just around the corner, it's fair to say that 2023 has been a whirlwind of activity here at H&S and 2024's shaping up to be even better - with exciting new products, adventures and plenty of new markets in store.

Happy New Year 2024 banner

In person markets:

Our aim for this year was to hit the road and try in person markets in the local area, an opportunity we achieved in April and had a great day. So much so that we've gone on to do 18 different market events across 22 days - the majority of which came in November & December.

Market stall layout with bags, wax melters and jewellery on display.
Our first market stall at Burtonwood in April 2022

It's safe to say that we've fallen in love with the markets. They are an amazing way to get out and meet other amazing local small business, forming part of the market community and helping each other out. It's also a great way to get first hand feedback about our products & find out what people are looking for.

We're extremely grateful that the

markets have also allowed us the opportunity to get to know some of you, with customers returning on a regular basis to shop or just say hello.

For 2024 we've got nearly an entire year of dates lined up, with markets planned for each month from February right through to December - kicking things off with a return to our home at Great Sankey in February & March, plus a double day weekend at Bents in March. You can find our full list of markets here.


Launch of our new website:

This past year we saw maybe our biggest change yet - the launch of our new website. When we kicked things off back in June 2020, a website was always on our list of things to do, however, we decided to focus on growing in one place - which at the time was Etsy.

Mobile phone showing the checkout screen from our website.

Since then we've added new features to our site, allowing us better freedom to showcase our products and events to all of you and also give you access to exciting perks like our rewards club - allowing you to collect points on each order, giving you savings on your next order.

We've just added a new feature to make it easier for you to redeem your rewards at checkout, giving you access to your offers in one handy place and streamlining the checkout experience.

If you haven't yet, make sure to create and account - It's free, you get points & savings straight away and it allows you better access to track all your orders at a glance.

We're always open to feedback on how we can improve our site, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to let us know how we can make things better for you.


New seasonal ranges:

Halloween & Christmas have always been a big part of things here at H&S, however, this year we've been able to step things up a great thanks to our in person markets & new online store.

Since July we've seen a wide range of Halloween & Christmas items come into stock and sell out, sometimes within hours like with our Ghost Incense burners. We love bringing you new and exciting ranges and products, and we've got plenty of new and returning favourites in the works for the new year.

With Spring & Easter just around the corner, we're starting to roll our our new seasonal selections. A popular choice last year, we're thrilled to confirm that our easter bunny wax melters are making a return, with pre-orders now open.

We've also got some new products ready for Summer to help you get ready to kick back and relax, at home or away. The it's back into Autumn & Winter with next years products already being planned and put into place ready.


Wax melts, Snap bars & Mickey Melts:

A great opportunity of the markets has been allowing us to showcase our wax melts, after all it's how we started back in June 2020. Picking a scent online can be a hard task, but in person you're able to try and experience them for yourself before you buy.

This year we've brought back four Halloween favourites & created ten exciting Christmas scents - with some now fully sold out. With a brand new look, helping to showcase and enhance our range, but retaining our roots with no glitter and only using soy wax for a clean and smooth melt.

This Christmas we've also welcomed the return of our popular Mickey melts - a great way to sample a scent or enjoy a mix and match. They're also perfect for Disney fans and a little way to add a touch of Disney magic to your home fragrance. Keep an eye out, cause in the new year we'll be relaunching our refreshed range of non-seasonal scents. We're also making our Mickey melts available online too for the first time, giving you better freedom to enjoy your favourite fragrances.


Before we end the year, we want to take a quick moment to say Thank You to everyone who's supported us throughout 2023. Its been a truly exciting and enjoyable time and we're extremely grateful for everyone's support to help make it happen.

There's plenty more in store for 2024, so make sure you're following us on our social media @hshandmadegifts.

We hope you enjoy the last few days of the year and we'll see you all in the new year!

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