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NEW Car Air Fresheners are on the way!

Our car air fresheners are a popular choice, especially at our market events, and we're thrilled that so many of you love them. They're a great way to keep your car smelling amazing and ready for whatever your journey brings your way.

New Car Air Freshener Highlights

After a few months of trailing various designs and seeking feedback, we're thrilled to be launching our new design - providing you with a sleek and stylish design, reduced use of plastics and un-recyclable materials and most importantly - an even better scent throw, allowing you to enjoy your air freshener regardless of the weather and temperature.

Our new car air fresheners feature a modern look, with a frosted glass bottle and sanded and smoothed wooden top, the top of which has two mini holes. These holes are used to insert two mini reeds into the glass bottle which creates a mini reed diffuser for your car and ensures your fragrance can be always be enjoyed.

Whilst the outside of the air fresheners might be changing, the quality of the oils and bases inside remains the same - so you don't need to worry about a drop in quality. We're also thrilled to confirm that this change means our car air fresheners remain fully vegan friendly and now contain less plastic and more recyclable materials.

New Car Air Freshener with Air Vent Clip

The new design is slowly be rolled out as we restock our fragrances. If you have any questions, or need any assistance, please let us know. We're always happy to help.

We hope you'll give this new design a try for yourself and hope you agree that this change is one for the better.

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