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Happy Mothers Day!

We want to wish all the mums, grans and aunts across the UK as Happy Mothers Day💐

Thank you for everything that you do to support us and help us to grow, guiding us as we need it and always being there to lend a hand and ear when it's needed most - and sometimes even a stern word when it's needed most.

A vase of pink and white flowers on a plain background, Happy Mothers Day text to the side.
Happy Mothers Day!

It's fair to say that non of us would be here today without our mums, and whilst we might not always have the best relationship with each other - they are important people in our lives.

Personally, we want to send a massive Thank You to our mum - for all the help and support throughout the years. Through the highs and the lows, the tough times and the great - as well as a pandemic. You're continued support is always greatly appreciated - especially when you get up early on your days off to help with our markets.

To show our appreciation for all the amazing mums, grans and aunts - we've got 10% OFF our entire store today with extra savings on offer too on select items. There's no minimums or codes needed - just browse, shop and save.

H&S Handmade Gifts


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